Hi there, I'm Magdalene and welcome to The Busy Bookkeeper!

My personal slice of the internet that has all my love, wits and business smarts poured into it.

When people ask me what I do for a living, I say: “I provide lifeline support to small business owners who are overworked, overstressed and overstretched”.

BUT what I really want to tell them is that it’s just so much more. By providing this valuable support in the form of services, resources and business software, I’m helping small business owners lose the stress so that they can actually start getting some purpose, passion and clarity back into their lives again.

Owning a business is supposed to be fun, challenging + full of adventure!

If you're feeling ...

  •  Overwhelmed with paperwork, numbers get you fuddled, and you can’t even balance an egg on a spoon let alone an account;
  • Tired of going to work everyday and fuelling someone else’s dreams and are craving to start your own company so that can finally live a life full of passion and purpose;
  • Just need a loyal, real-person, savvy service provider that’s not going to disappear overnight and leave you hanging;
  • Hunting for some affordable resources for your small business as you’re a DIY kind of person and like to do it all yourself [go You];
  • Stuck or stagnant and need a real solution to a business problem from someone that’s dealt with the challenges of owning a business and has rocked it all herself ….

Then you're totally in the right place!

I’ve been self-employed – successfully running my own business – for over two years. I’m not a newbie service provider. I’ve dealt with the failures, the successes and have rolled up my sleeves and built my business from scratch with a lot of love and faith.

I have a 10 year background in bookkeeping, taxation, creditors/ debtors administration, general administration, financial statements, company registrations and statutory maintenance. I’ve worked with small businesses, large businesses and the guys in the middle. I have a unique perspective and an out-of-the-box creative mindset that is the driving force behind all my business decisions and how I nurture my clients. I am a Certified Sage One Adviser, Registered Accountant, Tax Practitioner, Blogger, Author, Commissioner of Oaths and am always researching and implementing new, exciting and more fluid ways to do everyday tasks. I’m a massive nerd like that!

When I’m not helping small business owners get a real grip on their businesses one-on-one — or downing cups of coffee — you can find me digging deep into my creative and business savvy side to bring you affordable resources, ebooks and courses to help you not just survive, but thrive in business.

That's the once-over on my professional life.

Curious to know more?

  • I’m a self-confessed Pinterest junkie. I’m constantly scouring the app looking for inspiration for business, home, crafts for myself and kiddos, and DIY tips. You can find me on Pinterest here!
  • I love prowling family friendly flea markets and if it has live music, I am in absolute heaven.
  • The Busy Bookkeeper isn’t my first business. I owned a small direct sales business – Vertical Angel – which sold beauty products to some pretty awesome ladies. I had to close that as it became too demanding. The nerd in me loves numbers more than selling perfumes and necklaces.
  • I am a busy mum to 3 amazing kids. They were the inspiration behind my desire to go into business for myself. As a mum, being able to go to parent/ teacher meetings, sports days, fetch them after school or just being able to look after them if they catch a cold without stressing about leave days, really gets my biz groove going!
  • I only decided to study in my early twenties after having spent a few years as a bartender. When I left high school, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I mean, I knew the things that I was good at but I just couldn’t figure out which career was the perfect fit for me until a few years into my twenties. Oh, and I TOTALLY studied with my mom. For real though. We went to college together and endured the stress and celebrated the wins as a team!
  • I’ve been ziplining twice [even though I’m mildly afraid of heights]! My first experience was over a massive 300+m deep gorge and the second time was over a forest top through rain and mist so thick you couldn’t see 1 meter ahead of you. I can honestly say, I freaking loved it and am planning my next ziplining adventure soon!
  • I love the TV series The Great British Bake-off, Vikings and Grimm! I mean – marathon sessions until dawn – love! I also recently discovered Orphan Black … man you’ve got to see that one!
  • On Friday evenings you can find me either at a braai (barbecue) with some friends, or comfy on the couch at home with a glass of whatever dry red wine [#PinotNoirForTheWin] that I’ve been itching to try this week. There’s nothing more satisfying than curling up on the couch with a good book or watching a movie surrounded by family. Chicken soup for the soul I tell you!
  • As a teenager I was in a band as the female lead singer. We hired ourselves out to weddings and functions. Before each performance I would get some serious butterflies in my stomach! To this day, whenever I get a hankering to hunt down a karaoke venue, I still get those butterflies but I grab that mic and rock that song anyways.
  • I firmly believe that everyone has the right to live life on their own terms. You can design a life you’re passionate about and proud to call your own, all whilst still supporting your family, doing something you love and having fun while doing it! It took me a few years to psych myself up enough to start my own full-time business knowing the challenges that I would face as a mumpreneur — and trust me there is NO such thing as an overnight success so I know all about challenges — but with an awesome support system and an amazing family, we face the challenges of every season and everyday life together.
  • I won’t lie to you, in business everyday is a constant and stubborn decision to stay driven and not feed self-doubt but let me tell you this:
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