Submit Your Annual Returns

If you have a company, the Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission (CIPC) requires your business to submit an annual return on the anniversary of its registration.


The Busy Bookkeeper is a simple, fast, and secure way to submit your company’s annual returns with the Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission (the “CIPC”).


We will calculate your outstanding fees and submit your annual returns to the CIPC. We will also complete the financial accountability supplement (FAS) on your behalf. 


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How to order and what to expect:


  • Proceed to Order Now to complete an online application form where you will be asked to include your company’s information.
  • We will check the status of your company with the CIPC. This is to determine how many outstanding returns your business has with the CIPC. We will also check to see if it is in the deregistration process. Click here to find out what this may cost your business.
  • Our filing fee does not include the CIPC annual return fees and/ or any penalties that you may have accumulated for late submissions. These vary based on your turnover amount and the number of years that you are outstanding.
  • If more than 1 year is outstanding, we will let you know exactly which years are outstanding and the information we will need to continue. Additional filing fees will apply.
  • Once we have calculated your annual return fees, you will receive an invoice. The full amount due is payable immediately.
  • After submission of all the outstanding annual returns, you will receive a CoR 30.1 Certificate to prove that your entity is up-to-date and fully CIPC compliant.
  • We know that sometimes you may not get the reminders that the CIPC promise to send you, which is why we will send you one on the due date of your next annual return ourselves!


If you have not submitted your annual return and have been trading for a few years, please contact us. Your business will be in the deregistration process which can be reversed once all your outstanding returns are submitted to the CIPC.


If your business is in the final deregistration phase, simply submitting your returns is not enough to fix this. You will need to make an application to the CIPC to have this reversed. We will inform you of our findings after our initial check, and advise you as to the best way forward. 


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