Business Plan Workbook

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Our business plan workbook allows you to fill in your research with expert guidance, to create a superb blueprint for your startup.


Starting a business can be overwhelming. Many entrepreneurs just don’t realize how vital a business plan is to their startup’s success.


We have created a dynamic workbook that will be the blueprint that your startup needs. Our business plan is very effective as a template as it allows you to fill in your research, with expert guidance, to create a superb plan to kick-start your business.


We cover items such as:


What product or service will you be offering and who is your target market? Do your target customers have the money to buy it? Have you investigated the competition in-depth? What is your sales strategy? Do you know what talent you need to hire to help you achieve your business goals?


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What to expect from our workbook:


  • A fresh, modern look with powerful text prompts and expert guidance.
  • Financial projections template.


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What Mags van der Walt, founder of The Busy Bookkeeper and small business specialist with over a decade of experience, has to say:


A well researched business plan is an essential roadmap for your startup. It will provide you with the direction that you need to effectively manage and market your business, identify who to market your business to, and how much you should sell your products/ services for.


With our business plan workbook, you will have the fundamentals you need to help you thrive during every step of your startup’s journey.


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