Cash Flow Forecast Spreadsheet


Our Cash Flow Forecast template helps you to predict the cash to come in and out of your business each month to assist with financial planning.


A Cash Flow Forecast is a process of estimating the flow of cash in and out of a business over a specific period of time.


Why use a cash flow forecast?


This tool will help you predict your business’s cash flow over a period of time. It will empower you to make better-informed decisions in your business which can be the difference between you owning a thriving, successful company, or filing for bankruptcy.  In fact, one study showed that 30% of businesses fail because the owner runs out of money, and 60% of small business owners don’t feel knowledgeable about accounting or finance.


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We predict cash flow forecasting in the following time periods:


  • Short-term: A short-term cash forecast’s purpose is used to identify any funding needs or excess cash in the next 30 days.
  • Medium-term: A medium-term cash flow forecast generally covers between one month and one year ahead.
  • Long-term: Long-term cash flow forecasts look at longer periods of time, such as one to five years ahead. 


Our template includes a monthly and annual forecast of anticipated cash inflows and outflows. This will allow you to maximize your financial planning.


When you purchase our product, you will receive an editable excel spreadsheet with two tabs, focusing on short-and medium-term predictions. You will be able to duplicate and edit each tab to suit your needs. 


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