Design a Business Idea Workbook

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An eco-friendly, fully editable pdf workbook that will help you create a business idea and name that plays to your talents and strengths.



If you’re wanting to start a business but just haven’t been able to get the direction you need, then our Design a Business Idea workbook is just for you. 


Generally speaking, most start-ups fail. Not exactly the dream of any aspiring entrepreneur when they start a business.


We have good news for you though. You don’t have to be a statistic.


When you start a business that showcases not only your strengths but passion as well, you will be 100% committed to making your business work in every season; regardless of feast or famine. 


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We want to help you identify your skills and passions, and then help you monetize them.


Which why we have developed our Design a Business Idea Workbook. To help you develop an authentic, relevant business idea – one that will fuel your passion and play to your unique strengths.


What Mags van der Walt, founder of The Busy Bookkeeper and small business specialist with over 11 years of industry experience, has to say:


It is never a good idea to follow trends and a cookie-cutter business model when starting a business. If you want to get noticed, you need to be authentic. An original is worth more than a thousand copies.


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In our Design a Business Idea workbook, we cover items such as:



Identifying your skills, passions, and online habits to monetize them.



Identify your “why”, business goals, target market, and more.



Exercises to develop your business’s personality.



Inspired by Alina Wheeler’s book, Designing Brand Identity, these exercises will help you play around with some name categories to help you match a business name to your authentic business idea. 


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ECO-FRIENDLY! Our workbook is fully editable so no need to print! Once you have purchased the workbook and type your answers, simply give it a new name when saving to save your answers. 


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