Merchant Capital – Business Funding For SMEs

As leading alternative retail finance experts, Merchant Capital work across a wide cross-section of retail industries.


Merchant Capital is a leading provider of alternative working capital solutions to SMEs in South Africa, having assisted thousands of retail businesses with cash advances when they’ve needed it most.


Working Capital for the Retail Industry.


From butchers to beauty salons, Merchant Capital has funded thousands of small South African businesses with hundreds of millions of Rands in working capital.


Their intention is to assist in the growth and success of your business. As leading alternative retail finance experts, they have worked across a wide cross-section of industries, and proudly developed a deep understanding of your businesses unique requirements and seasonal trends.


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A unique PAY-AS-YOU-TRADE system.


The Merchant Capital process follows a unique PAY-AS-YOU-TRADE system, ideal for business owners who have a monthly average of over R80 000 in card sales and have been operating for 12 months.


How much finance do I qualify for.

You can qualify for up to 100% of your business’ average monthly credit and debit card turnover.


How much does a Merchant Capital Cash Advance cost.

They create a customized funding solution for each and every client. 


What can I use the funding for.

Merchant Capital don’t prescribe what you use your funds for although they highly recommend that the cash injection be used for business growth opportunities.


How is the funding paid back.

They provide two options for Merchant Capital Cash Advance repayments.


  • Split Processing is when repayments take place directly via your debit and credit card terminal. Every time a customer pays with a card, a small agreed percentage of that transaction goes straight to Merchant Capital while the remainder is paid into your bank account.
  • A daily debit order provides the opportunity of knowing exactly how much you are paying back on a daily basis, rather than paying a large single sum at month-end. This debit facility can also be designed so that it closely follows your trading pattern.


Is there a Sha’riah compliant option for my business.

Yes, Merchant Capital offer Sha’riah compliant cash advances. You can view this offer in more detail here.


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How to get a Merchant Capital cash advance.


1.   Go to the VIEW NOW checkout button to be redirected to a contact form. Please ensure that you have downloaded the application form as well.

2.  Once we have your responses, supporting documents, and completed application form, we will email you to assist with the application process.


Minimum Requirements.


  • Must be a business owner.
  • Have a lease valid for 12 months, or own a property.
  • Monthly average of more than R80,000 in sales.
  • Trading history of at least 12 months.


If your bookkeeping is behind, contact us so we can help catch you up so you can get approved!


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