Register with the Unemployment Insurance Fund

Your Business must register as a commercial employer with the Unemployment Insurance Fund if it employs staff who work for more than 24 hours a month.


What is the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) and who needs to register with it?


UIF stands for “Unemployment Insurance Fund”. This fund guarantees your Employees an income for a few months in case they lose their job. If your Business employs staff who work for more than 24 hours in a month, the Department of Labour requires your business to register for UIF. In addition to the UIF registration, your Business is required to make monthly contributions towards the fund. The monthly contribution for UIF is two percent of your worker’s gross salary per month.


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We require the following from you to complete your registration with the Department of Labour:


  • Click Order Now to complete our easy online application.
  • Complete a Power of Attorney which will allow us to perform the UIF Registration on your behalf. It will be emailed to you once the completed application is received.
  • Certified copies of the owner(s)/ director(s)/ member(s) etc. of the business (not older than 3 months).
  • A list of the following employee information:
    • Full names and surname.
    • Identity number.
    • Starting date of employment.
    • Hours worked per month.
    • Gross monthly salary (before deductions).
    • Contact number.
    • Residential and postal address.
  • Proof of payment (which confirms your order).


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You will need to submit monthly declarations to the UIF and make the necessary payments to the fund once your registration has been successful. 


If you have been trading for some time and are only registering for UIF now, you will need to make back payments to the Department of Labour. Contact us for a free quote should you require assistance with the submissions.


Turnaround time (upon receipt of all the required information) is typically 1 – 10 business days depending on the type of business applying for registration. 


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