Register A Public Officer For Your Business

The Tax Administration Act 28 of 2011 states that every company in South Africa must appoint a Public Officer.


What is a Public Officer and who needs to register as one?


A Public Officer is the representative taxpayer for a company. The Tax Administration Act, 28 of 2011 requires your business to appoint a Public Officer within 30 days of it receiving an income tax number. As this individual will be the face of the company for all tax matters, they will have to answer for all the activities and duties performed by it. This includes ensuring the company maintains its tax compliance by registering for all the appropriate tax types, submitting the required returns, and settling its tax liabilities.


All actions carried out in this person’s capacity as a Public Officer are deemed to have been done by the company. 


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You will have to meet the following criteria before you can be registered as Public Officer:


  • The Public Officer must be an individual (a natural person). 
  • Reside in South Africa.
  • Be a senior official of the company.
  • Have a valid income tax number.:


Do you have a “one-man” company? You as the only director and shareholder will have to register as the company’s registered representative.


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How we will assist you with this registration:


  • Click Order Now to complete our easy online application.
  • Once we have received your responses, you will receive an email from us detailing all the additional information we require from you.
  • Please expect a response time of 1 business day from submission of your responses.


This registration typically takes 21 business days upon receipt of a case number from SARS. 


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