Start a Micro-Business in South Africa

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A no-frills practical guide for aspiring micro-business owners in South Africa.



Start a micro-business in South Africa that is compliant from the beginning.


In our current economic climate, many individuals have found themselves unemployed due to retrenchments. Others may have been forced to give up their full-time employment due to health concerns, or unavoidable issues.


If 2020 taught us anything, it is that life can change in the blink of an eye. Lockdown may have forced many businesses to close, but the ‘new normal” also presented many new business opportunities that previously weren’t needed. As many businesses go digital, a new world of previously unexplored consumer needs are being explored, as well as a virtual, global reach for your products/ services.


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From Mags van der Walt, Author of Start a Micro Business and founder of The Busy Bookkeeper:


Throughout my 11+ years as a business accountant, and 6+ years as an entrepreneur, cloud accounting specialist and writer, I have empowered many entrepreneurs, small business owners, and freelancers start, grow, and manage their businesses with confidence.

The years that I’ve spent in research and serving my clients have been poured into this practical, no-frills e-Book. I wrote Start A Micro Business in South Africa with the intention of helping you get clear in your business from the start, and introducing you to your responsibilities as a small business owner. This introductory guidance is what I found to be evidentially lacking in many of my clients who register businesses for themselves and don’t do the in-depth research, or hire a professional, to ensure their businesses are set up correctly from the beginning.

Once you’ve completed this e-Book, you should be more aware of your compliance responsibilities. Thereafter you can take the necessary steps to ensure that those responsibilities are met to start operating legally.


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In this eBook, we’ll be covering items such as:


  • How to brainstorm a business opportunity that is the right fit for your unique talents and strengths;
  • The importance of a business plan, its elements, and choosing the right consultant;
  • The various registration processes that your business will have to go through to ensure that it is compliant;
  •  A few important items to note once your business is up and running are to ensure it remains compliant.


Book a consultation with us once you’ve read our e-Book so we assist you to correct any non-compliance issues. 


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