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I’m Magdalene, The Busy Bookkeeper’s Founder and Small Business Specialist.

I’d like to tell you a bit about our accounting family and how we can assist you as a small business owner or freelance professional.

How we got our start.

I started The Busy Bookkeeper in 2015, having seen a need in the current market. As an intern for an internationally recognised accounting firm, I noticed that what was lacking in professional services was an accounting business that focused on the “little guy”. An accounting business that wasn’t cold and impersonal, but treated its clients as family; one that would see the value in small business and would strive to treat them with respect and dignity.

After my internship period had ended, I moved on to a few large international companies where I bid my time, further developing my industry skills. Nearly a decade later, and having had acquired extensive experience in bookkeeping, taxation, creditors/ debtors administration, financial statements, company registrations and secretarial administration, I felt confident in my abilities to serve the small business market and resigned from my 9-to-5 day job.

My resignation saw the start of The Busy Bookkeeper, and as a company we have continued to grow from strength to strength from our first day of business. As a family-orientated woman, I have found that my nurturing nature has provided my company, and its existing clients, with a level of service that has far surpassed their expectations.

How we strive to provide you with the best service.

While The Busy Bookkeeper may not be a large, international accounting firm, I find that my clients find this most favourable to their needs. Many of the small business owners that I have spoken to feel overcharged by large firms. They also feel that their businesses aren’t treated with the same dignity that large corporations benefit from. The Busy Bookkeeper prides itself in remaining competitive in price, professional in approach and consistently strives to over-deliver in quality.

What further sets us apart? We are a virtual accounting business concept. This means is that we work remotely, and do not have an actual “brick and mortar” presence. How does this benefit you? It keeps our running costs low, and increases flexibility in our schedules which ensures that your deadlines will always be met.

In our pursuit to remain relevant and compliant in our industry, we have undergone many registrations with leading regulatory boards. In addition, we’ve formed partnerships on an advisory level with established national and international brands. We are progressive in our service delivery approach, and maintain good communications with our clients. By maintaining good communications, we feel that we are better able to identify their needs. This allows us to find creative ways to assist with them in these key areas.

What you can expect from us:

Quality services.

We provide quality, essential small business support services at competitive prices. Know that as a network of professionals, you can count on us to ensure that your small business needs are well met.

Quality products.

We’re often developing new resources, and forming relationships with business partners to ensure that you have the tools you need. We’ve partnered with Sage Business Cloud as Advisors, Irontree as trusted affiliates and many other leading national and international brands. We strive to become your preferred one-stop small business online shop.

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