Accounting, Payroll and Financial Statements


Don’t let the current state of your business’s bookkeeping and tax compliance get you down.


With over a decade of extensive experience in the accounting industry, your small business is in good hands with us!

Are you looking for a friendly, knowledgeable Accountant for your accounting and payroll needs?


Do you often stare at your bank balance and wonder if your business is actually making any money? Perhaps you lack the time needed, or the the skill  that is required to accurately complete your business’s bookkeeping? Or maybe you just need Annual Financial Statements drawn up, but are looking for a more affordable alternative to a large accounting firm?


If you’ve answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, then you’ve landed in the right place!


What we offer your business.


Monthly accounting and payroll duties:


  • Monthly capturing and reconciling.
  • An online client folder where you will have access to all your financial reports and tax submissions 24 hours a day, keeping you informed.
  • Friendly advice from our registered accountants and labour practitioners.
  • Monthly/ Quarterly financial reports (depending on the frequency of your needs).
  • VAT submissions, should your business be registered for VAT.
  • The option to add Monthly Payroll including payslips, DOL UIF and EMP201 submissions.
  • Option to add Sage Business Cloud Accounting or Xero Accounting.
  • Option to add Sage Business Cloud Payroll.


Financial statements and taxation:


Having your accounting completed and records up-to-date is very important. As a sole proprietorship/ partnership, or registered entity, you are required by law to have Financial Statements drawn up 6 months after your businesses financial year has ended, as well as submit an income tax return, plus 2 bi-annual provisional tax returns.


You will need up-to-date accounting figures to be able to do so.


How we can assist you get up-to-date with your accounting and taxation obligations:


  • Capture and reconcile your entire financial years transactions, should this be needed;
  • Create an online client folder where you will have access to all your financial reports and tax submissions;
  • Provide you with friendly advice from our team of registered accountants;
  • Compile annual financial statements for your business;
  • Submit your SARS income tax return;
  • Submit your annual return with the CIPC*;
  • Prepare a B-BBEE affidavit* for you;
  • Apply for your tax clearance status pin once all your tax obligations are met.


Our staff and associates are registered with various regulatory boards that hold us to the highest professional standards. This is just another way that we’re making sure that you know that we take your business seriously.


Click on the Buy now button to enquire about pricing and find out more about our value-adding services. Please expect a reply within 1 – 2 business days.



The Busy Bookkeeper

The Busy Bookkeeper are registered with the ICBA, SAIBA, SAIT, are registered Labour Practitioners, and are Sage and Xero Cloud Accounting Advisers.


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