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Register a company with the CIPC at an affordable, once-off fee.


We take the hassle of your company registration with our quick, effortless online application process.

What is a Private Company and why should you choose this form of registration?


A Private Company (Pty Limited) is an entity that has a separate life from its owners. The Companies Act, No 71 of 2008 requires a company to perform rights and duties of its own, like submit tax returns and perform other statutory obligations. It is the simplest and most common form of company to be registered in South Africa. As it’s a private company, it may not offer shares to the public.


Most private companies are small and owner managed entities. They must have at least one director and one incorporator. Both the director and the incorporator may be the same person. Should you wish to register a company in South Africa but are a foreign national, it is definitely possible. CIPC will require your company to have a valid South African address, so be sure you have one before you start any application with us.


All companies must have a Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) which sets out the rules agreed by the shareholders for the management and maintenance of the business. Private companies are registered with a standard or a customised MOI. The standard MOI is provided by law and is integrated into the company registration process.


Your new company will end with Pty (Ltd)” or “Proprietary Limited”.


Do you meet the requirements to register a company?


  • Are you 18 years or older?
  • Do you have a valid identity document (for South African citizens)/ or passport (for foreign nationals)?
  • Do you have a South African address?


What our fee includes:


  • We perform a free inquiry at the CIPC to see if your preferred company name is available, and apply for it as a part of the registration process.
  • Once your registration has been successful, we will send all your company documents electronically. These documents will include a standard MOI, Notice of Incorporation, Registration Certificate and Official Disclosure.
  • You will receive a letter confirming the shareholding of your company, as well as a Share Certificate for each shareholder. Our SAIBA accredited accountant prepares these official documents for your company.
  • Your company will receive a free SARS income tax number.
  • Remaining informed is very important! We will send you updates throughout the course of the registration process.
  • There are no additional costs. The advertised amount includes all CIPC fees. This includes the name reservation and company registration fee.
  • An easy, online application form (Click Buy Now to be redirected)
  • Turnaround time for registration of private companies with the CIPC is typically 3 – 10 business days. This includes the name reservation.


The Busy Bookkeeper is an Approved Third-Party Service Provider with the Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission (CIPC). 



The Busy Bookkeeper

The Busy Bookkeeper is an approved third-party service provider with the CIPC.


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