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We love working with brands that fit into our niche and would love to form new partnerships! We’re always happy to broaden our knowledge base and promote products or services that we feel will add value to our clients and audience.

We’re offering many ways to work together:

✗ Authorised resellers/ partners of products/ services to promote in our e-Commerce and Social Media stores.

✗ Brand ambassadorships.

✗ Collaborations.

✗ Consultants/ Advisers.

✗ Giveaways.

✗ Referral programs.

✗ Sponsored blog posts.

✗ Sponsored social media posts.

If you feel that we could be a good business fit, you can:

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✗ Give us a call on +2761 4054737.

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Since our birthday way back in 2015, we’ve formed fruitful business partnerships with these fine local and international brands.

We’d love you to get in touch to grow your brand and ours!

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